Greens Report 8/30/22

I cannot believe it is already the end of the August. I think we can all agree that the weather over the past few has been excellent. Warm days and cool nights and some timely rain have been ideal weather conditions for our golf course. Our days are slowly getting shorter and it looks like fall is right around the corner.

The main tee box on #14 was leveled a couple of weeks ago. The sod from the project has mended enough for the tee box to be playable. We will continue to regularly topdress the tee box to smooth-out the playing surface. Two oak trees were also taken down to the right of the tee box. These trees were overgrown for the tee box complex and will allow for more tee placement options.

The right side of #4 Fairway in the rough was recently overseeded with tall fescue. Seed has begun to germinate over the past couple days. We asked golfers to please not drive carts through this area as we are trying to establish grass in this high traffic area.

Last week sod was ordered to fill in old stump holes. Please do not drive over freshly laid sod as it is trying to root. Left over sod was used to cover up a number of bare areas out the on the golf course. We will continue to patch areas in the future as more sod is available.

Looking ahead we will begin arerifying our approaches, tees and fairways after Labor day weekend. We will be pulling a core on these surfaces. The grounds will do our best to limit disruption of play however we will at times be in the way. We thank you for your patience. We plan on aerifying greens Monday Sept 19th and Tuesday September 20th, with Wednesday  September 21st being a make-up rain day if needed.  The front 9 will be closed on Monday and Back 9 on Tuesday.